Saturday, April 20, 2013

Equality #2

2) I, Jesus, am a big fan of equality but not at the expense of design.

This statement is simply a logical next step in our understanding that, just as Jesus promoted equality but also authority, so He also promotes an overall design.

Now, I am not trying to drift into the "origins" debate with that statement but take it as you will. What I am trying to say is that there is a design to it all, and by all, I mean all. There is a design to our universe, to the creation we observe within it, down to the smallest particles which we can not see. Within all things is a design. So, we shouldn't be surprised when we read that "in Him all things hold together (The letter to the Colossians)." Indeed, Colossians also says that "all things were created by Him, and for Him, and through Him." So, if anyone was a plan, a purpose, a design then that person is God Himself.

So, if God has designed all things in the known and unknown realms, then why would we assume that he doesn't have a design that is at a more emotional, relational, and rational level? Since I believe He does have a design for every single part of creation (whether that be biology or anatomy or psychology and sociology), I would lay forth the idea that, while a fan and a promoter of equality, He would not put the virtue of equality above His overarching design.

IF God were to do so then all of creation would be different. The stars would all give off the same amount of order to be equal. Everyone's hair would grow at the exact same rate of speed, length, and order to be equal. All the dogs in the world would be able to bark exactly the same volume, eat the exact same amount of food, and run the exact same order to be equal.

Now, I have strayed into kind of ridiculous illustrations to prove the point that the diversity of design is all around us every second of every day and yet we don't seem to find fault with its reality. Why? Because it is part of the design. Even in our own attempts at creation as humans we don't create in order to promote the virtue of equality. If we did, then, every burger would have the same number of calories with the same ingredients. Every car would use the exact same amount of gas and hold the exact same number of people. Every TV would show the same number of pixels and use the same amount of energy and be the same 32 inches (and we certainly know that isn't true!).

Again, by our own efforts we clamor and strive for diversity as well as equality.

I propose that we do so because we are not only wired to be imitators of our creator but because it is what we see and understand from all that is around us. So, when I say that Jesus is a big fan of equality but not at the expense of design it is because to say otherwise would be to not only reject everything that is around us but to simply live in a constant state of denial.

God is a designer. He has a design. The design is all around us. Equality is a part of the design. It is not the chief virtue, goal, or root of the design.

The same could be said of humanity.

Humans are designers. We have designs. The designs are all around us. Equality is a part of the designs. It is not the chief virtue, goal, or root of the designs.

Notice the key difference between humanity and God. We have many designs with many purposes. God has one design with one purpose.

So, let us not kid ourselves into thinking that equality is the virtue that must be striven for over all else. To believe that is to deny all of creation. It is to deny the One who holds all things together. It is to deny the One who gave us the ability to design in our own way.

It is to deny God. And that is quite simply the most foolish thing of all.