Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Joy in Sadness

Dear one,

Sadness. Joyfulness.

Two extremes that are not meant to dwell together...yet often do.

They exist when I receive news of how you are doing.

Sadness because you are not here. Sadness because I am selfish and want to see you, hear you, speak with you. I want to watch you in the midst of my family. I want to hear you laugh, see your smile, know you are safe. Sadness because I no longer know when I might see you again. Be able to hold you as the daughter I consider you to be. Sadness because the world is big, mean at times, unpredictable, and not as it should be. Sadness because I am not needed as I once was. Sadness because I can't see you becoming who you are supposed to be because the miles separating us are too great.


and yet...

joy comes in the morning.

Joyfulness because you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Joyfulness because it isn't about me, it's about those who can see you, can hear you, can speak with you. Joyfulness because you are in the midst of a new family. They want to hear you laugh, see your smile, know that you are safe. Joyfulness because I know that One Day I will indeed see you again. I will be able to hold you as the sister you now are. Joyfulness because the world is small in the hands of the One who holds it together, it's meanness is petty compared to the goodness of its maker, what seems unpredictable to us is happening exactly as it should according to a plan set from eternity, and all will one day be exactly as it should be. Joyfulness because you have found the One who you need every second of every day. Joyfulness because faith doesn't rely on what we can see...but on the One who sees all.

It must be morning.

You are loved soooo much,