Saturday, April 25, 2015

Do you understand faith?

Ted Dekker.

If you have talked to me about books in the last 5 years, then I have probably mentioned Ted. Hands down he is my favorite author. Maybe ever.


Because I have learned a tremendous amount about my faith and what it needs to look like in this world from reading his books.

But, rather than launch into all of that, I want to focus on the title of this post.

Do you understand faith?

I mean the word. Faith. What does it mean to have faith. To really have it?

I just finished Ted's latest work, A.D. 30. This is his first overtly Christian book, and I was excited to see how he wrote Jesus after reading shadows of Jesus in his other books for the last 5 years. I was not disappointed, but what struck me even more was a theme he first introduced in Water Walker.

Faith = Trust

If I claim to have faith in Jesus, why then do I still fear people or things? Why do I still take offense at what people or this world do or say to me? Why do I get anxious? Stressed? Etc.?

I experience all those things because I struggle with faith. I struggle with trust.

If my faith was strong, if I really trusted Him with all my being, if I gave myself over to him completely, all my hopes, dreams, desires, and goals and trusted, then what can stand against His will and His purposes for me?


So, the only reason I struggle, I fear, I fret, and I worry is because I choose to not trust. I choose the things of this world, the agendas of my heart, and the "reality" of my situation rather than faith in Jesus.

If I truly trusted, then no one can hurt me (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) unless He allows it. Not one hair on my head can be affected without the Lord of the Universe granting it to be. And if He allows it, this One who is perfectly good, steadfastly loving, and immensely kind, what does it matter the outcome? He is in control and He is with me through it all. It is in Him and His goodness that my faith is placed...not the storm in my life, not the fear of being mocked, not the uncertainty of my next paycheck, etc.. My faith, my trust, should be in the One who is above all things, controls all things, and knows all things.

That kind of faith is like that of a child. A child who does not know to fear or take offense because they trust the One who holds their hand. That hand means safety. It means peace. It means joy. It means confidence. Not because of who I am...but because of the One whose hand it is.

And that kind of faith? It can tell a mountain to move...and it will.

Do you understand faith? I'm still learning...


Can I hold your hand?