Monday, August 24, 2015

That Woman

There she is
that woman over there
The one that is surrounded by eight tiny feet

Working, toiling, striving
pushing forward, pressing on,
part referee, part coach

How does she do it?
Day after day, night after night
I am amazed by that woman

I hear her correct, no, now she encourages,
no wait, now it is counsel, and now just a hug
So many things, flowing from one to the next

She captivates me
She draws me
She walks

She manages her home, but it's not really her home
She manages her life, but it's not really her life
She manages her children, but they're not really her children

Her home, her life, her children
each hers but not really hers
in different ways but all the same

My life is rocky, yet that woman is a rock for me
My life is uncertain, yet of that woman I am certain
My life seems without purpose, but that woman offers me one

"Choose us," she says
"We are still here." she offers
That woman speaks wisdom into my chaos

I can not seem to thank her enough
I can not seem to appreciate her enough
I find that being with her...that is enough

So, we wait...together
we pray...together
it is enough to be...together

She offers me wisdom
She offers me her heart
She offers me even more

She loves me
And I love that woman
That woman is my wife