Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's in a name...

Well. Here I am. I have finally started a blog. It has been a long time coming. I'm not the first and I guess I won't be the last. Why now? Cause I want a place to say stuff. Work stuff out. Say what I think needs to be said but I don't hear being said.

Why Highway 268? Well, I thought that title was the broadest of those I was kicking around. Some others? The Round Table. Uncomfortable Truth. The Road Less Traveled. I hope this blog is all of those things.

A place for everyone to pull up a chair to the table of truth and speak AND be heard.

A place to say what plenty of people are thinking but no one wants to say.

A place to explore the roads most don't travel down.

And a place that makes Isaiah 26:8 the central call and goal of my life:

"Yes, Lord. Walking in the way of your truth, we wait eagerly for you. For your name and your renown are the desire of our souls."

I write this blog not as a pastor but as a disciple of Jesus. Please understand that. What I say in these blog entries are my words, my thoughts, and they do NOT necessarily represent the views of the church where I serve or the denomination I am ordained by but they might indeed get me in trouble....but hey, words matter. Truth is important. And getting in trouble? It happens.

In His Love,