Friday, May 17, 2013

Equality #5

I, Jesus, am unchanging in my stance.

This last statement is simply a reflection of the Churches long held understanding that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

As it relates to equality, I am simply stating that as much as our culture, society, government, or even institutions of faith feel like there is some wiggle room and an ability to change as it relates to certain issues, Jesus remains UNchanging.

Would it make things easier if we could just give a little on certain issues sometimes? Well, I supposed it depends on what you mean by easier.

If by easier you mean more comfortable, then, yes, I suppose it would. But we are not called to be a people of comfort. There was nothing comfortable about what Jesus dealt with on the cross. Nothing comfortable about the lives the apostles lived. Nothing comfortable about the life and ministry of Paul. Nothing comfortable about what the early Church went through. Nothing comfortable about the lives the countless martyrs have given for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus. No. We are not called to be comfortable.

If by easier you mean that people might be more open to what we say if we weren't so rigid and could give some, then, yes, I suppose that might happen. But let me ask you, "Where would the giving stop?" See, by buying into the idea that we can just "give a little," we open ourselves up to the false idea that truth can bend and adapt. That, my friends, is simply not true. Methods. Methods can bend and adapt but the message and goal of those methods can never bend or the very message or goal we were seeking to communicate becomes like sand instead of rock.

Wavering truth is no truth at all.

So, in reality, the idea that "giving a little" on the truth surrounding certain issues would make things easier is simply not true. It would lead to a lifestyle contrary to the call of Jesus and to a system of truth that is no longer truth at all.

No, we must take our example from Jesus who was unwavering in what he taught and lived out. He is indeed the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if He were not...He would not be true and thus not worth serving and living for.

Equality is something Jesus brought forward as a virtue, but it must remain in its rightful place or it will become distorted and corrupted. We, as followers of Jesus, must be clear and consistent in how we communicate to the hurting world around us. The tone of the equality debate has slipped away from the tone Jesus would have us use. But with that said, we must not lose or waver on the truth of the debate. For if we do that, we help no one...not ourselves, not our neighbors, not the Church, and not the cause of Christ.

May we endeavor to hear the Spirit before we speak and then, once hearing, speak carefully, confidently, and lovingly in truthfulness.