Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Protecting the sheep or stoning the shepard?

You know...I'm just getting plain, flat out tired of all the bashing that Christians do towards each other.

Surely, I am not alone. Surely, there are more people in the family of God out there than just myself who feel this way. Why must it be that almost every time I scroll through FB, check my email, or simply talk to people at any given moment that I read or hear some bashing comment about this Christian or that Christian, this pastor or that pastor, this ministry or that ministry. I am just getting worn down with it all.

Where in the world is Jesus in all of that? "And they shall know you are my disciples as you love one another."

Oh wait, I know why it is is because we are protecting the sheep. I mean, someone has to call out the warning. Someone has to sound the alarm. Someone has to point out the false teachers. Well, in my observations there seems to be a whole lot of "someones" out there doing all the warning and not too many proven disciples doing the loving.

As a pastor, I get the protecting the flock thing. I really do. In fact, I do it! But, what I am saying is that most of the posts, comments, and conversations I hear aren't really about protecting anybody. They are quite simply gossipy, judging, and condemning communications which are doing more harm within the Body of Christ then protecting it.

I think all the snide comments should cease. The presumptive judgmental attitudes should cease. The divisive, pointless differences of opinion should cease.

The World (our culture and society) already attacks the Church on a regular basis as it is. Do we really need to be just like them in the way we talk about each other?

Finally, let me just say that for all the so-called "protecting, warning, and pointing out" that self-appointed prophets of the Church are doing, what if....just what if you are wrong?

What if the person you are raking over the holier than thou coals is actually a part of the family of God? What if they end up being right in front of you at the judgement one day? What if one day you stop being so "holy" and start really hearing? Maybe then you will see the pain your comments have caused. The confusion your comments have created. The division your comments have wrought.

It ought not to be so. Public media forums are not the place for thoughtless quips about people we don't really know but have only heard, read, or seen a soundbite about. That is not warning people. It is putting yourself as judge over another person's heart, mind and actions.

And that my dear reader, none of us have the right to do. For we are not our Creator.

And this concludes a blog entry to myself. For I have been the chief of sinners in this area. I have stumbled badly in the area. I have led by example in the worst possible way in this area. I am the audience of this post. I am one who must change.

May I love as Jesus loved, warn as Jesus warned, and listen to the Spirit with ears to hear the difference.

Protecting the sheep...but not stoning the shepherd.